Devils (Pride) – Lucifer's BroodEdit

Favored AttributeEdit

Logic. Lucifer's Brood always gain 8-again on Logic rolls, and may raise Logic above 5 with experience.


Superiority. A Devil may roll Logic + Pride to quickly profile a person, gaining an intimate understanding of their target's desires and likely reactions. For the remainder of the scene, the Devil automatically wins Initiative against the profiled target, and wins all tied contested rolls against them. Additionally, he may spend an entire scene profiling a target to learn one particular derangement, dark secret, or damning fact about that person. However, whenever the Devil loses any Logic roll or attempts to feed their Pride and gains no successes, they immediately lose one Morale and one Will.


When Unleashed, the Devil's understanding of “human nature at its worst” becomes truly astounding. He gains 8-again against all targets he has quickly profiled during the last scene, and may deeply profile a person to force them to immediately make a degeneration roll against the worst Sin they have ever committed. However, against anyone they have not studied, they suffer a -3 dice pool penalties to all Social rolls and all contested actions.