Devourers (Gluttony) – Belial's BroodEdit

Favored AttributeEdit



Indulgence. A Devourer may roll Stamina + Greed when Feeding one of their Vices to heal 1 bashing damage instead of regaining Passion or Will. On the other hand, any time an opportunity to indulge themselves presents itself, they must Push themselves Mentally if they wish to ignore it for a scene, or they are forced to gorge themselves to satiation.


When Unleashed, a Devourer enters an orgiastic frenzy of feeding whatever vices they can – food, sex, drugs; anything. However, no matter how much they consume or how much they push themselves, they never suffer any wound penalties or intoxication penalties, and are utterly immune to any negative effects of diseases or toxins. He gains 8-again on all Perception rolls to locate his next source of pleasure, and may regain one Passion, Will or bashing Health as a simple action whenever they consume anything they consider pleasurable.