Required Disciplines: Majesty and Domination
Favoring bloodlines: Lamia, Strzyga

• Right of Blood (Majesty •)Edit

Roll: Presence + Politics

For the remainder of the scene, all Social dice pools – including Social Powers and Devotions – used by you or against you gain a modifier equal to the difference between your and your opponent's Sanguinus.

•• Claim the Thrall (Domination • + Majesty •)Edit

Roll: Savvy + Persuasion – Resolve

Immediately create a Vinculum with a single taste of blood.

••• Aura of Authority (Majesty •• + Domination •)Edit

Roll: Presence + Streetwise

Appear as someone naturally in-charge and important. If you achieve more successes than a given person's Resolve + Composure, they must defer to you and follow any reasonable order you give for the remainder of the scene unless they Push themselves Mentally or Socially. When subject to the Predator's Taint, you always react as if you were of higher Sanguinus than the other Vampire, and they act as if they were of lower Sanguinus unless their Resolve + Composure is higher than your successes.

•••• Nemesis (Domination •• + Majesty ••)Edit

Roll: Savvy + Intimidation - Composure

Each success net in excess of the target's Sanity deals them one Intimate Morale damage.

••••• Claim Domain (Majesty ••• + Domination ••)Edit

Roll: Presence + Politics

For a number of miles radius equal to the number of successes, anyone who would directly defy your will must Push themselves Socially to do so for the remainder of the scene.

Vampire Disciplines and Devotions


Vigor · Celerity · Resilience


Sorcery · Auspex · Transcendence


Majesty · Domination · Ferocity


Animalism · Fecundity · Hegemony · Necromancy · Obfuscation · Obtenebration · Protean · Psychic · Savagery

Ritual Devotions:

Cruac Sorcery · Theban Sorcery · Tremere Sorcery