Augmented Attribute: Presence
Clan favoring: Daeva
Bloodlines favoring: Lamia, Lhiannan;Ravana, Strzyga
Devotions requiring: Hegemony,Animalism (optional),

Cruac Sorcery

• Awe (Majesty •)Edit

Roll: Presence + Expression

For the remainder of the scene, the vampire gains a number of bonus dice to all social interactions equal to the number of successes rolled minus the target's Composure. If a given target's Composure is higher than the Vampire's successes, Awe has no affect on them during this scene.

•• Mask of Tranquility (Majesty •)Edit

Roll: Presence + Subterfuge

For the remainder of the scene, you do not set off the Predator's Taint, and your Social rolls vs. mortals are not penalized by your Blood Potency.

••• Entrancement (Majesty ••)Edit

Roll: Presence + Persuasion – target's Composure

The target becomes completely enamoured of the Vampire, and desires nothing more than to serve her with all of his might. The effects last for one scene per success, or for one day per success if the target has recently tasted the vampire's blood.

•••• Summoning (Majesty ••)Edit

Roll: Presence + Expression – target's Composure

The target is immediately aware of the Vampire's location for the rest of the night, and feels an unnatural compulsion to come to her. The compulsion and location sense fade at dawn, making this Devotion useless during the day.

••••• Sovereignty (Majesty •••)Edit

Roll: Presence + Socialize

For the remainder of the scene, anyone who would attempt to attack the Vampire, or treat them with anything other than respectful deference, must Push themselves Socially and roll their Composure. They may continue Pushing themselves until they achieve more successes than the Vampire's, at which point they may perform a single action counter to Sovereign's effects.

Vampire Disciplines and Devotions


Vigor · Celerity · Resilience


Sorcery · Auspex · Transcendence


Majesty · Domination · Ferocity


Animalism · Fecundity · Hegemony · Necromancy · Obfuscation · Obtenebration · Protean · Psychic · Savagery

Ritual Devotions:

Cruac Sorcery · Theban Sorcery · Tremere Sorcery