Requiring Disciplines: Auspex, Sorcery
and Ferocity
Favoring bloodlines: Khaibit

• Darksight (Auspex •)Edit

Roll: None

The Khaibit may see perfectly in total darkness for the remainder of the scene. In complete darkness (no light at all), Darksight grants the additional ability to perceive auras, as well as the ability to see ghosts in Twilight. While Darksight is active, all rolls to resist rötschreck are at a penalty equal to Sanguinus.

•• Shroud of Shadows (Sorcery • + Ferocity •)Edit

Roll: Logic + Occult

The Khaibit may manipulate shadows within an a radius equal to his Sorcery + Sanguinus in yards for the remainder of the scene. Each success grants him a +1 dice pool bonus to Stealth and Larceny rolls.

••• Move Through Shadow (Sorcery •• + Ferocity •)Edit

Roll: Logic + Stealth

The Khaibit may spend 1 Vitae while in a dark shadow to teleport to another area of dark shadow within line of sight.

•••• Shadow Summons (Sorcery •• + Ferocity •)Edit

Roll: Logic + Occult

The Khaibit may create a tangible shadow that exists for a single scene. Successes are allocated between Power, Finesse, and Resistance. The shadow is effectively a Rank 0 ghost that cannot dematerialize or cross the Gauntlet.

••••• Shadow Form (Auspex ••• + Sorcery • + Ferocity •)Edit

Roll: Wits + Occult

The Khaibit rolls Wits + Occult to transform into her shadow. This is similar to the Psychic Devotion “Twilight Projection”, except that she is manifest in the physical world. She is not tangible, and takes damage only from sunlight.

Vampire Disciplines and Devotions


Vigor · Celerity · Resilience


Sorcery · Auspex · Transcendence


Majesty · Domination · Ferocity


Animalism · Fecundity · Hegemony · Necromancy · Obfuscation · Obtenebration · Protean · Psychic · Savagery

Ritual Devotions:

Cruac Sorcery · Theban Sorcery · Tremere Sorcery