Augmeted Attribute: Stamina
Clan favoring: Gangrel
Bloodlines favoring:

Bruxsa, Ravana;
Echidna, Caitiff

Requiring Devotions: Fecundity, Protean,
Savagery (optional)

Unlike most Disciplines, Resilience does not have a set of 1-5 level Powers. Instead, Resilience has a 1-dot and a 3-dot Power, each of which increases in potency as the character's dots in Resilience increase.

• Undead Fortitude (Resilience •)Edit

No Roll

Downgrade up to Resilience aggravated damage to lethal damage, as it is being dealt.

••• Insensate Flesh (Resilience ••)Edit

No Roll

Ignore up to Resilience levels of bashing damage as they are being dealt.

Vampire Disciplines and Devotions


Vigor · Celerity · Resilience


Sorcery · Auspex · Transcendence


Majesty · Domination · Ferocity


Animalism · Fecundity · Hegemony · Necromancy · Obfuscation · Obtenebration · Protean · Psychic · Savagery

Ritual Devotions:

Cruac Sorcery · Theban Sorcery · Tremere Sorcery