Required Disciplines: Celerity and Ferocity
or Resilience, Celerity
and Vigor
Favoring Bloodlines: Bruxsa, Assan, Caitiff

• No Pain (Resilience or Ferocity •)Edit

Roll: None

Ignore all wound penalties for the remainder of the scene.

•• Piercing Attack (Celerity • + Vigor or Ferocity •)Edit

Roll: Dexterity + Brawl

Brawl attacks deal lethal damage and gain Armor-Piercing equal to your Vigor for the rest of the scene.

••• Bloody Rending (Celerity • + Vigor or Ferocity ••)Edit

Roll: None

Spend 1 vitae per Brawl attack to deal aggravated damage.

•••• Savage Throw (Celerity •• + Vigor or Ferocity ••)Edit

Roll: Dexterity + Athletics

Multiplies your throwing distance by your Celerity, and adds your Strength as automatic lethal damage.

••••• Terrifying Frenzy (Celerity •• + Vigor or Ferocity •••)Edit

Roll: None

So long as the Vampire is in Frenzy, he may perform a number of Dexterity+Brawl attacks per turn equal to his Ferocity, and deals automatic lethal damage with each successful Brawl attack equal to his Vigor.

Vampire Disciplines and Devotions


Vigor · Celerity · Resilience


Sorcery · Auspex · Transcendence


Majesty · Domination · Ferocity


Animalism · Fecundity · Hegemony · Necromancy · Obfuscation · Obtenebration · Protean · Psychic · Savagery

Ritual Devotions:

Cruac Sorcery · Theban Sorcery · Tremere Sorcery